What is KT2win Casino Scam Protection
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KT2win Guarantee Play with peace of mind
KT2win Guarantee - Play with peace of mind
A free service that safeguards your gaming deposits, the Guarantee covers 100% of your deposit & winning value, up to $30,000, in the case that our Verified Casino involved in fraudulent practice.

How it works

Register an Account at KT2win.
Choose and Play at our Verified Casino.
Submit Application for KT2win Guarantee.
We stand by our Verified Operators for Online Casino. The KT2win Guarantee is exclusive to casino players who register as our Member.
Players who are non-member of KT2win will not be eligible.
How much can I claim?
Assuming all criteria for a claim are met:
Member A:
  • Total Amount Win: RM 15,000
  • Verified Casino: Casino ABC Malaysia
  • KT2win Coverage: RM 30,000
Verified Casino give invalid excuse and refuse to pay. Member A can claim full RM15,000.
Member B:
  • Total Amount Win: SGD 20,000
  • Verified Casino: Casino XYZ Singapore
  • KT2win Coverage: RM 10,000
Verified Casino give invalid excuse and refuse to pay. Member B can claim up to SGD10,000.
Log in to check KT2win Guarantee for each Verified Casino.

What is not covered?

  1. Online Casino that is not verified by us.
  2. Failed to provide necessary proof evidence and documents.
  3. Breach of Terms and Conditions of Verified Casino by Players.
Refer to Terms & Conditions for more details.

How to opt in?

To opt-in, register an account at KT2win as our member and fill up
the application for Casino Scam Protection.

Member Benefits


Guaranteed Safe

We will test, play, review, verify and only recommendusers the best trusted casino to play.
All KT2win Verified Casinos are covered under this protection plan.

Compensation Up to RM30,000

KT2win covers different protection amount for each Verified Casino. Login to check more details.

Liaise with Casino

If there is any conflict with Verified Casino, send in your request and we will help to liaise with the casino.

Zero Cost (FREE)

Free member registration. Members can apply for FREE Casino Scam Protection after registration.

Free Complaint Services

Members can submit to us any complaint / reviews on online casino. We will review and add into list of blacklisted casino to alert other members.

Best Promotion Deals

KT2win members will get updates on best promotion deals among the online casino.
Register as KT2win member to get this FREE casino scam protection. Play safe without scam!